Kansas City-based Storytellers Video combines original videography, personal photos, unique aesthetic imagery, and compelling graphic motion – along with captivating music that best serves the story – to craft one-of-a-kind personal narratives. By getting to know the individual, Storytellers Video creates memorable videos that capture the essence of life’s most important moments.

In creating your exclusive narrative, Storytellers often incorporates a combination of existing and new imagery. Many times we’ll utilize personal pictures and existing video – and then we add just the right mix of new, professional photography and videography.

During our custom video-edit sessions, Storytellers interweaves our own brand of dynamic aesthetic imagery, graphic motion, text and titles and, oftentimes, a custom voiceover. Of course no story would be complete without just the right music bed or soundtrack! The result: A unique video as original as the subject itself.

What We Do

Through video and photos I look to create a personal story. My videos are custom-made to capture the unique story of the individual, relationship or company.” – Lisha Anderson

Corporate and business promotional videos are now, more than ever before, the way small businesses can compete more effectively with large corporations. And, since the development of Google’s new partnership with YouTube, the importance of business video on the Internet is at an all time high.

Storytellers also specializes in the creation of High School senior and athlete videos, birthday and anniversary videos and even Memorial and Life Celebration videos. No matter the genre, Storytellers Video always strives to create a one-of-a-kind story as unique as the subject itself.

Created by Lisha Anderson, Storytellers Video was started with one simple thought in mind: Each person and relationship is unique in its own special way. Individual or business, there is a compelling story waiting to be told.